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White 2019 Toyota 4Runner driving over rocky terrain

What are your color choices for the all-new 2019 4Runner? 

Available exterior color options of the 2019 Toyota 4Runner 

If you’re the kind of person who wants a vehicle that’s as highly-regarded as the Toyota 4Runner, it logically follows that you have a personality that deserves to be projected both on the street and the trail. That’s why the 4Runner has become such a favorite in the first place – not only is its body-on-frame construction designed for off-roading fun, but the shades that accompany it can all key into a specific part of yourself that you hold dear. To see what we mean, come see the available exterior color options of the 2019 Toyota 4Runner!  Read the rest of this entry >>

Three RAV4s with mountains in the background

What is the best Toyota SUV for off-road driving? 

Our top three 2019 Toyota SUV picks for off-road driving and their off-road features 

What’s your next big adventure? Perhaps it’s a rendezvous in the Rocky Mountains or a trek across the badlands of South Dakota. Whatever the adventure, getting off the beaten path is the best way to experience it. Whether you like to drive on mountains or simply on dirt, we have the off-road vehicle for you. Keep reading to hear about our top 3 SUVs for off-road driving.  Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Toyota 4Runner driving through the woods

2018 Toyota 4Runner Interior Features

Looking for an SUV that can accompany you and your family comfortably? Looking for an SUV that has excellent off-road capabilities? You should get an SUV that can do both. That is where the 2018 Toyota 4Runner comes in. On the inside of the 4Runner, there is plenty of space for each passenger to kick back and relax, and plenty of technology to keep everyone entertained. Continue reading to learn all about the 2018 Toyota 4Runner interior features!

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Red 2018 Toyota 4Runner driving through some trees

2018 Toyota 4Runner Engine Specs and Towing Capacity

Life is full of grand adventures. If you are looking for an SUV to match those adventures, look no further than the 2018 Toyota 4Runner. This car was made to drive smoothly through the city, and to continue driving effortlessly when the pavement runs out. Here at Alexander Toyota, we have a great selection of 2018 Toyota 4Runners to take your life’s adventures off the beaten path. Read below find out more about the 2018 Toyota 4Runner engine specs and towing capacity!

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Toyota 4Runner Offers Up Long List of Off-Road-Friendly Features

2018 Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Features

In the Toyota lineup, there are a few vehicles that are built to keep traveling when the road ends, and the 4Runner is definitely one of them. The rugged and capable SUV can be outfitted with a wide range of features that really help it to take on whatever you throw at it. Here in Yuma, Arizona, there is a real need for an off-road-friendly vehicle, and with a closer look at the off-road features of the latest 2018 Toyota 4Runner, it’s not hard to see that the SUV is well-equipped to give you the performance that you need. Read the rest of this entry >>

2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Photo Gallery at 2018 Chicago Auto Show

In the Toyota family, there’s a specific designation that you need to know about – TRD Pro. This line, which stands for “Toyota Racing Development,” has transformed vehicles such as the 4Runner, Tacoma, and Tundra into high-tech, adrenaline-infused performance models. With wider stances, Desert Air intake valves and race-ready shock absorbers, it’s clear that these vehicles are built to give you the kind of searing, testosterone-laced precision you need. The 2019 Toyota 4Runner, in particular, was unveiled today at the Chicago Auto Show, and we’ve got some pictures to show you about its all-new, impressive exterior. Check it out! Read the rest of this entry >>