2019 Toyota Prius  vs 2019 Honda Insight

What is on your mind when you go shopping for a car? Are you interested in how powerful or how efficient it is? Is there a specific color you’re looking for? There are probably thousands of things you think about when you’re buying a car. 

There are a lot of things to think about and a lot of cars to choose from. It helps to whittle your options down a bit and focus in on a few important details. It can also help to take two popular cars and compare them to see which one is the better fit. We’ll do that with the 2019 Toyota Prius and the 2019 Honda Insight. Let’s see who comes out on top. 

2019 Toyota Prius 


2019 Honda Insight 

1.8L inline-4 

Engine 1.5L inline-4 


Combined mpg 52
4 Trim levels 3
27.4 cu-ft  Cargo capacity 15.1 cu-ft 


2019 Toyota Prius Features and Specs 

It’s common knowledge that the Prius is one of the most efficient vehicles and the 2019 Toyota Prius is no different. The engine is efficient and sporty for its size. The available electric all-wheel drive system gives you more performance and capability if you need it. The Prius is also outfitted with a number of great features. Some of those features and options include: 

  • Toyota Safety Sense 
  • Multimedia display 
  • Adaptive front lighting 
  • Blind spot monitor 
  • Back up camera

The Prius pairs incredible features with a beautifully refined structure. Everything blends and flows together into an elegant profile that any driver will fall in love with. 

Test Drive a 2019 Toyota Prius in Yuma, AZ 

You can test drive the 2019 Toyota Prius to get a feel for it at Alexander Toyota. Please call us if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to help out however we can.