Last Year's Winners for Teen Driving Safe Contest

What is Toyota Doing to Encourage Safe Driving?

A parent’s number one concern when it comes to their teenager is their driving habits, and rightfully so. Teenagers have higher crash rates than any other age, due to inexperience behind the wheel and their potential to be distracted easily. This is why Toyota has once again teamed up with Discovery Education to host the TeenDrive365 Video Challenge, which calls on teens to make a video that encourages their peers to drive safely. Keep reading to find out more about this initiative.

Toyota Challenges Teenagers to Drive Safe

For the past 5 years, Toyota has partnered with Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, in efforts to reach out to teens to encourage safe driving habits. The contest involves teenagers sending in submissions that range from serious to hilarious, and eventually, a winner will be chosen based on certain criteria. Through participation in this contest, Toyota believes that it encourages real communication between parents and teens about driving safely.

Safe Driving Video Contest

The contest is quite simple, make a short video that influences other teenagers to drive safely. Toyota and Discovery Education know that when it comes to teenagers, the most powerful influence comes from their peers. By allowing the participants to create a video that other teenagers can relate to, it increases the chance that the message is actually heard. The videos are then selected by a panel of judges made up of community leaders, teachers, and Toyota representatives. There is a grand prize of a $15,000 scholarship and a chance to work with a film crew to re-shoot the commercial in professional form.

Teens waving outside window
Teen sitting by crash
Teen Adjusting Mirror

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