What is the Toyota Rent a Car Program?

Here at Bill Alexander Toyota, we understand that sometimes you want to try before you buy, and if a quick test drive isn’t going to cut it, that’s where the Toyota Rent a Car program comes in. Created to assist Toyota dealerships in helping their customers with temporary transportation, the Toyota Rent a Car program provides quality service and competitive rates that you have grown to expect from Toyota all while offering you the chance to experience a Toyota model in real time.

Toyota Rent a Car Program at Bill Alexander Toyota
Toyota Rent a Car in Yuma, AZ

Rent a Car From Toyota and Be Worry-Free

There are many reasons why a person would need to rent a car, but when you rent one with Toyota, you know you are always getting the latest models and the best technology that Toyota has to offer. Stop by Bill Alexander and rent a Toyota if you:

    • would like to see how a new Toyota fits into your everyday life before you take the plunge and buy it.
    • need to rent a car to take on a long weekend or business trip.
    • have some friends or family coming to visit and they need their own transportation.
    • currently have a vehicle but need one more temporarily accommodating to your needs, such as taking a camping trip where you will need more cargo space.
    • temporarily have your car in the shop due to service and you need fast transportation
    • need a long-term vehicle rental due to extensive automotive work such as body shop repairs or engine repair.

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If you would like to read more about the Toyota Rent a Car program, please visit our Rental Car page or stop by Bill Alexander Toyota in Yuma, AZ and talk to one of our helpful professionals!