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How Does the Sun Damage Your Car?

There are a lot of issues a car can run into over its lifetime. Mechanical breakdowns are a dime a dozen in any car’s lifetime. You try to deal with them as best as you can, but there are some problems occurring that you may not even notice yet. 

Arizona is lovely and warm almost all of the time. While that is nice for us, it is doing some serious harm to our cars. If left unchecked, high temperatures can wreck a car. What exactly is happening when your car is sitting out in the sun for too long? Let’s walk through what is going on under the surface.  

What Heat Does to a Car 

Most people are worried about what UV light is doing to our bodies, but they don’t think about what it is doing to their car. There is some serious harm being done to your car if you leave it out in direct sunlight for too long. Leather seats will take the brunt of the damage if you don’t regularly condition them. The seats will split and crack if untreated. 

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What is more important is what is happening under the hood. Excessive heat and sunlight can take a toll on every facet of your car. Overheating will cause important fluids and coolants to evaporate which can put your engine in danger. It will also wear out your battery at a much faster rate. In high heat areas, you should park in the shade as often as possible and make sure you’re keeping an eye on your car’s health. 

How Long Can A Car Sit Without Driving It?

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