2020 Toyota GR Supra on a racetrack

What Engine Will the 2020 Toyota Supra Have?

There are a lot of great cars out there, but they can feel a bit bland. You want a car that is fast and furious, something that can satisfy your need for speed. You want a car that can make sure you’re gone in 60 seconds. When you redline the engine, you want to feel your heart start pumping.

Most people might think they need a race car to get that kind of importance. Well, Toyota has an option that might interest you. The 2020 Toyota GR Supra is a finely tuned vehicle that has some serious power. There is something about the roaring of the engine that makes the Supra an attractive choice. How much power does it have?

2020 Toyota GR Supra Performance Features

Part of the reason the 2020 Toyota GR Supra feels like a racing car is because it was inspired by racing. A part of Toyota’s global racing division helped design the Supra. Under the hood, there is a 3.0L twin-scroll turbo engine that provides a lot of bang for its buck. The engine puts out 335 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque. Paired with an eight-speed transmission, the Supra handles incredibly smoothly.

2020 Toyota GR Supra in front of a brick building

2020 Toyota GR Supra front row interior

With the right conditions, the Supra can hit a top track speed of 155mph. That is an incredible amount of power packed into a single engine. Drivers can pick between normal and sport driving modes to adjust the Supra to their desires. Outside of the engine, the Supra is balanced and sculpted to be streamlined and aerodynamic. The shape and build of the Supra exude power and speed that is unlike any other car.

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