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Can I Defer Payments at Toyota During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

How is Toyota Responding to COVID-19? 

Everyone is understandably concerned about what is currently happening in the world. We are all trying to adjust to the new and uncomfortable normal. Things have changed at a rapid and unprecedented pace; people are just trying to figure out how to move forward. 

Despite all of this, people are still worried about the usual things like bills and payments that need to be made. Whether you are working from home, an essential worker, or temporarily out of work, car payments still need to be made, right? Well, Toyota understands how unexpected this all was and has offered a few ways to help. 

Toyota COVID-19 Relief in Yuma, AZ 

The last thing that people need right now is any cause for extra stress. Toyota is willing to help whether you are leasing a Toyota or recently bought one. Toyota Financial Services is looking to work with anyone who may need help during these trying times.  

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If you are concerned about being able to make payments, then please reach out to Toyota Financial Services to see how we can help you. The same offer extends to people reaching the end of their lease who may be unsure of what next steps to take. Everything is being considered and evaluated on a case-by-case basis as we know the situation is affecting people differently. 

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Financing Services in Yuma, AZ 

Alexander Toyota is ready to help you through any financing questions that you might have during these times. We are ready to help our community however we can. Please reach out if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help however we can. There is even a 90-day payment deferral option for those still looking to get into a new car. No matter how big or small your concern is, let us help you to the best of our ability.