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Should You Use the Air Conditioning or Roll Down the Windows?

There are some positives to living in Arizona this time of the year. While some states are fighting back against snow, ice, and wind, Arizonians wonder if it might possibly rain today. There is almost endless sunshine in the Yuma area which is nice in the dead of winter.

It may mean that we don’t get a white Christmas, but that might be a trade-off most people are OK with. The constant warmth means we are always using our air conditioning units in our cars. It is necessary to keep from overheating, but is it doing more harm than good? Is it better to just roll down your windows?

Does Your Air Conditioning Use More Gas?

The blast of cold air can feel great on an especially hot day. Is it worth it though? As fuel costs fluctuate up and down, many people are looking for ways to save money in whatever way they can. It’s common enough knowledge now that using the A/C does affect your fuel economy. While there are many different factors that determine how efficient your car is, using the A/C can reduce it by an average of three miles per gallon.

The A/C vents of a car

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The reduction is effected by how old or large your car is. It might make sense to roll your windows down if you’re traveling at high speeds, but that can actually lower your fuel economy as well. With the windows down, there is a larger drag force on the car that it has to compensate for. Keeping your car cool is going to affect the fuel economy, but it’s all about figuring out what works for you and your car.

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Air Conditioning Service in Yuma, AZ

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