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Should I Start Carpooling to Work?

Finding ways to save gas offers a lot of different benefits. People will be able to spend less and save more if they use less gas. It also helps the environment by burning less fuel. Everybody can take steps to make their lives and cars more efficient.

What are some of the most effective steps? There are a lot of different tips and tricks out that to help people improve their fuel economy, but how many of these tips actually work? Improving your driving habits is one of the best ways to see an overall improvement and driving less also helps reduce your impact. What about carsharing? Fewer cars on the road feels like it should work, but let’s take a look and see if it does.

Does Carsharing Work?

The short answer is that yes it works. Carsharing does a lot of things that can help reduce our carbon footprint. Taking two or three cars off the road is going to obviously lower the overall amount of emissions, but it has a ripple effect. Those missing cars are also freeing up some traffic lanes which means there are fewer moments when you have to slow down. This means you can keep driving and fuel isn’t wasted in idle.

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If everyone committed to carpooling just one day of the week, then emissions could drop as much as 20 percent. The effects begin to stack, and we can see more significant impacts the more that we utilize carsharing. It can have a ripple effect that changes things for the better simply by giving some friends a ride to and from work.

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