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Should I Roll Down the Windows or Use the A/C?

It doesn’t take a lot of thought to realize that hot cars aren’t fun. Most people just have to power through hot car interiors for a few minutes before their car cools off. What else can you do about it?

The summer heat is something we all accept, so we just try to cool off as quickly as possible. There are two main options when it comes to lowering the temperatures in your car, the air conditioning or rolling down the windows. Many people argue over which option is better, but we’ll help give you a bit of clarity on this age-old debate.

Rolling Down the Windows Versus Using the Air Conditioning

There are a lot of different factors to consider when you’re thinking about this question. The answer will rely on your car and driving habits. Drag will be one of the main factors between rolling the windows down and using the A/C. Rolling your windows down will create some drag and that will reduce your fuel economy. The type of car you drive will have an impact on that drag. A tall SUV is likely to feel little effect since it’s already pushing a lot of air out of the way.

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The A/C will definitely cool your car down, but it will also bring your fuel economy down. Even at highway speeds, turning the A/C on will reduce your fuel economy when compared to rolling down the windows. If you’re driving short distances or mostly within the city, then rolling the windows down is the better option. You should also only start the A/C after the car is moving rather than letting it idle in the heat.

How to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

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