2020 Toyota RAV4 with a bike rack

My Car is Stuck in the Mud, How Do I Get Out?

Is there anything more exciting than going off-road? Barreling over rocky terrain and powering through mud is enough to make anyone feel alive. When you have the right vehicle, off-roading can feel like traveling to an entirely new world.

There are a lot of great trails in the area if you have a vehicle to get to them that is. You will want to be careful though. Nothing ruins an adventure faster than your car getting stuck. It’s not easy, nor is it fun, to get your car unstuck. A lot of vehicles have systems in place to help mitigate this risk, but do they help when you’re stuck?

Does Vehicle Stability Control Help Get a Car Unstuck?

There are a lot of features like vehicle stability control and traction control are two that you will find on a lot of off-road capable vehicles. These are designed to help your car power through some of the tough terrain you might face out there. When you’re stuck in some deep mud, these features might actually be hindering your escape.

2019 Toyota 4Runner climbing a dusty hill

2020 Toyota RAV4 going through dirt road

So, how do you turn these features off? On your dashboard, there should be a button for VSC which you can press to turn off the traction control. If you’re stuck in the mud, then you might need to turn both off. To do this, press the VSC button and hold it for three seconds. This should turn off both the VSC and the traction control. Once you’re freed from the mud, you can simply hit the VSC button to turn both features back on.

What is Multi-Terrain Select and Crawl Control?

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