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How Often Should I Change the Oil in my Hybrid?

Car maintenance is always a bit of a hassle. It is necessary, but that doesn’t mean we have to enjoy it. Everybody knows that taking the time and spending the money to keep your car healthy is worth it. Every little bit we do can go a long way towards keeping your car on the road.

Do you need to take as much care of a hybrid engine? You aren’t using as much fuel, so maybe the engine doesn’t use as much oil. Of course, you still need to take care of your hybrid engine, but the maintenance needs are a little bit different.

Hybrid Car Maintenance Schedule

Hybrid cars do still have a gas-powered engine which means there are plenty of parts that need to stay properly lubricated. The engine is under a little less stress with the electric motor helping out, but there is still plenty of wear and tear. If you drive at lower speeds, then your engine can last a lot longer.

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A lot of the basic needs are still there though. You should get your oil changed as often as you would for a traditional engine. Be careful with the type of oil you use, though, as things are a little bit different when you own a hybrid car. Everything else from checking the tire pressure to routine maintenance is still the same as far as hybrid engines are concerned. Hybrid engines can save you a lot of money as far as fuel goes, maintenance costs are relatively the same.

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Toyota Maintenance in Yuma, AZ

Whether you have a hybrid or traditional engine, be sure you schedule an appointment with the technicians at Alexander Toyota. We can help you with any maintenance or oil changes needs. If you have any questions, then feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help however we can.