2020 Toyota GR Supra on a racetrack

Do I Need More Horsepower or Torque?

Is there anything more satisfying than hearing an engine roar to life? The sound and rumble of a finely crafted piece of machinery is exhilarating. Engines are some of the most complicated machines we can make which is why people love pouring over engine details. 

There are a lot of different numbers to look into when you buy a car and start looking at the engine. People will really dive into the specifics to see exactly what an engine can do, but at the end of the day two numbers are the most important. Car enthusiasts care a lot about the horsepower and torque, but what is the difference?  

Comparing Horsepower versus Torque 

So, what exactly do each of these measurements mean? Most people understand what horsepower means for a car. In general terms, the more horsepower a car has the more speed it can build up. Horsepower is all about how fast a car can perform work, while torque is the opposite. Torque is about having the power to do a lot of work. 

Side view of a large diesel engine
2021 Toyota GR Supra on the racetrack

How does this apply to cars? Well, the numbers are tied together in some ways, but they are utilized differently. Sports cars have a lot of horsepower, but relatively little torque. This is because they only need to do a little bit of work but need to do it quickly. Trucks are the exact opposite; they need to do a lot of work but not as quickly. Torque is needed for hauling trailers, horsepower is needed for the quarter-mile races. 

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