Adding oil through funnel to 2019 Toyota Camry

Can I Put Synthetic Oil in my Car Instead of Conventional?

Everybody knows the importance of taking care of their engine. Cars may seem like tough things, but there is a lot of delicate machinery in there. It takes a lot of moving parts working together to get your car moving. This is why it is so important to take care of your car.

A regularly maintained car is going to run better for a longer time. Oil changes are one of the most basic forms of maintenance that we can do. Everybody knows that their car needs a new batch of oil every so often. Have you stopped to think about the type of oil you put into your car? There has been a surge in the popularity of synthetic oil, but is it better?

Synthetic versus Conventional Oil

The first difference to note might seem obvious, but these oils are made differently. Synthetic oils use a more refined base for their mixtures. This makes them more stable and reliable in the long term. Synthetic oil is also better able to fight against sludge and deposit build-up. Conventional oils work just fine at lubricating the engine but leave behind more debris. They are also less precise in their chemical composition compared to synthetic oils.

Person shifting something around in an engine

Oil being put in an engine

Synthetic oils are just better able to provide comprehensive care for your engine. They are designed to work in high and low temperatures and provide great protection against wear and tear. It also lasts a bit longer than conventional oil depending on your car. You can also easily make the switch to synthetic oils if you think it will work for your car.

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