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Can I Drive A Car More Than 100,000 Miles?

How far is too far? We use our cars every day to get around town, but we probably don’t think about all the miles we put on them. If you use it mainly to commute and run errands, then you might not even realize how many miles you are putting on your car. So, after you’ve driven your car for years and years how do you know it’s reached its limit?

Well, the question isn’t exactly simple to answer. The mileage you read on your odometer isn’t a very good barometer of the health of your car. There are several factors that can affect it, but there has to be an upper limit to how long a car can stay on the road, right? Let’s investigate this question and see what we can figure out together.

How Many Miles Can You Put on a Car?

We should make a note that we are talking in general terms, each car is going to have its own recommendations. The common idea is that 100,000 miles is the average lifespan of a car. Beyond that, you are in line for a lot of problems, and that may be the case, but it’s not as simple as that. Newer cars would consider that milestone more of a half-way point.

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Maintenance is key to keeping your car on the road well beyond 100,000 miles. A well-maintained car at 100,000 miles is going to serve you better than a neglected car at 60,000 miles. Parts will obviously wear out over time, but if you replace them in good time and maintain everything else your car will remain healthy. It can be a lot to manage a car, but if you take things as they come and keep an eye out, then your car will love you for it.

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